Coatsol | Gas Leakage Control
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Gas Leakage Control

Offering the latest leakage control methods for permanent repairs.


Coatsol are now offering the latest encapsulation/leakage control methods for permanent repairs, improving on the current approved method utilised by various contractors already used by the gas networks. Using the latest encapsulation methods and our team of fully qualified & experienced engineers, Coatsol can supply and install these products to make permanent repairs to all pipe, joint and valve sizes and types. This will consist of a live repair on all leaks at all pressures including LP/MP and IP mains. Our unique encapsulation methods are all bespoke designs, made to measure, enabling the minimum encapsulant (an approved product used by other contractors for all networks) to be used, reducing the cost to the networks while maintaining the integrity of the repair made.


Prior to carrying out the encapsulation, a full detailed inspection and risk assessment is to be carried out by our engineers, with a full analysis of the leak in question forwarded to the technical department within Coatsol, where the design process will take place, taking into account any details or concerns pointed out during the inspection by either Coatsol or Network engineers. Where the pipeline allows, thorough grit blast cleaning will take place prior to fitting the encapsulation mould, creating the best bonding surface between pipe and encapsulant. Coatsol aim to work closely with the Networks enabling us to meet any time constraints set, whilst providing a fully professional service throughout. Detailed risk assessment and method statements, site specific to each job will be forwarded, with each individual job being fully recorded on the Coatsol database, retaining full trace-ability of products used, engineers carrying out the work, dates, addresses and photos filed for future reference if needed.


We also have the capability to provide a primer-less (solvent free) encapsulation system which prevents the dual hazards of working in confined spaces with primers and carcinogenic vapours. As well as reducing the health & safety risk of known problems with primers, this also eliminates application time and errors where applying the primer.


All of our steel moulds are manufactured by our experienced CE certified pressure specialist fabricators.

Special Characteristics

  • Same day re-instatement
  • Bespoke moulds allow for minimal sealant to be used
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Applicable to most pipe materials, including cast iron, ductile iron,
    steel, PE and asbestos

  • All sizes of mains/joints/valves etc. are catered for
  • High mechanical strength
  • Permits pipe movement

Literature provided

Each job/site will be attended with a full pack including a site specific risk assessment, method statement, safety data sheets and job completion forms. Each encapsulation will have a unique Coatsol Job Number which will be stamped onto each individual casing, with records kept on the Coatsol database, detailing all information concerning the job in question. This allows full trace-ability if any problems were to occur in the future.

Network Uses

We believe Coatsol’s encapsulation techniques are an ideal solution to the following:

  • Leaking Internal & External Risers
  • Existing Leaking Encapsulations
  • Cracked/Damaged/Porous/Corroded
  • Joint Protection
  • Leaking Valves/Tees/Syphon/Expansion
    Joints/Cap ends and all varieties of joints

  • Gas main & joint strengthening
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-Tamper Devices
  • Canal/River/Railway Crossings
  • Ground to Air Transition points

With encapsulation techniques using similar methods, already being provided to networks by other suppliers, Coatsol’s encapsulation offers a unique same day re-instatement which reduces the timescale for which the excavation would be left open. This would not only lessen the cost from highways agencies, councils etc, but would also ensure job turnaround is shortened.

Prices & Ordering


To be agreed.

Approvals / Recognised Standards


BGC/PC/LC8 Part 1.

Warranty & Technical Support


Ongoing technical support is available from our head office, with the encapsulation having a 20-year warranty.

Training Arrangement


At present the encapsulation methods are supply and fit only.

Maintenance Requirements


Any fault reporting should be directed to Coatsol head office.

Description of any special technique or unique tools, plant & equipment required


All necessary equipment is carried by Coatsol engineers with power and air being supplied by network engineers.

Future Use – Purchasing, Delivery, Packaging & Recycling arrangements


Supply & fit only. Costs to be agreed.