Coatsol | Corrosion coating consultancy and application
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Corrosion coating consultancy and application

Specialists in anti-corrosion coatings for industry

Coating Solutions are experts in high-performance, industrial coating solutions for difficult applications. We are a consultant and supplier of speciality coating systems and products which resolve coating problems in industries such as:

  • Pipelines – onshore and offshore
  • Steel structures – inshore and offshore
  • Tanks and associated steelworks
  • Mining

Coating Solutions can provide a small team of dedicated, hands-on individuals with many years of experience in the world of industrial coatings. We can supply the product or, often, simply help your engineers to define the right performance specification for a given difficult situation to help you apply the right coating solution for your needs.

Coating Solutions started out as a high-performance coating applicator. We aimed at providing niche coatings for difficult applications, for example, coating the welded joints on pipelines in difficult areas, such as mountainous regions or jungle environments where altitude or humidity would present problems.

We also focused on improving the way coatings were specified and aimed to help clients choose better coatings from both long-term performance point of view as well as being faster and with less equipment, to lower costs and carbon footprint in application.

Along with the above aims, we aim to protect the workers, preventing application of old, out of date coatings which were often toxic, carcinogenic and did not perform well in the long term anyway. We have always aimed at working with clean systems, avoiding as far as possible danger to both environment and workers alike.

Alongside application and specification work we have also been invited to assist in problem solving on sites or on existing projects such as pipelines where coatings are failing; here we have been able to assist clients and contractors identify problems and to eradicate and improve and in the case of failed coatings in service we have also aided pipeline owners to choose a suitable rehabilitation coating to extend the life of the asset into the future with minimal disruption to the pipeline, the environment and any populations in the vicinity.

We now focus on this consulting work and on supplying high performance coatings to the pipeline oil and gas industry for pipelines and on/offshore structures.

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