Coatsol | Consulting
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Coating Solutions provides a number of consultancy roles to the pipeline and marine industries


Coating Solutions comprises a small team of highly qualified, hands-on individuals with many years of experience in the world of industrial coatings. Our company total employee count is increased with similar such dedicated personnel to meet project and consulting requirements. Our workforce is NACE qualified and Coating Solutions is approved/certified by coating suppliers like Specialty Polymer Coatings, Canada, “Seal For Life” (Raychem/Powercrete range), Spencer Coatings – Acothane.

Product selection/specification writing

Correct product selection is critical. Many companies have engineering and purchasing groups, but no staff dedicated specifically to coating solutions. Many suppliers of coatings provide scant or misleading information in their product specifications. We can help you to choose a coating specification which meets the needs of the application. Correct coating selection can mean the difference between years of trouble free, minimal maintenance or constant headaches and huge maintenance costs and, in the case of pipelines, even failure and environmental disasters.

Often, companies continue using old methods which are far out of date, while newer technology has improved both in-service performance and reliability, as well as, made the coating application faster, easier to inspect and less expensive to install.

In the case of tank linings, for instance, many companies continue to use coatings which they must renew with monotonous regularity while there are newer advances in materials which mean one coating application will last several times longer than old “conventional” systems. Cost savings in the long run can be substantial.

Site Assistance/Technical Service

Having defined the correct coating, be it for corrosion prevention, abrasion resistance or chemical resistance, we can also provide training to the application contractor and inspection during the application phase to ensure that the coating is correctly applied. We can also provide the full turnkey application service if required.

Troubleshooting/failure analysis

Coating Solutions also works with clients to troubleshoot problems with corrosion coating. We can also carry out failure analysis on site and recommend independent laboratories for testing failed coatings. We can then recommend remedial action for fixing the problem.

Turnkey application or assistance on site

Finally we can ensure proper application by offering turnkey application, using only qualified and dedicated coating and inspection personnel so that the coatings are correctly applied.