Coatsol | Coating Application
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Coating Application

Field joint coating for pipelines coated with
3-layer polypropylene or polyethylene

3-layer polypropylene or polyethylene has been used as a coating for pipelines since around 1990. 3-layer polypropylene and polyethylene are excellent coatings providing rugged resistance during the construction phase of a pipeline and superior properties to protect the pipe in service for many years at elevated temperatures up to 120ºC.

Until recently, there has not been a satisfactory system for coating the welded joints on polypropylene coated pipelines for elevated temperatures. Coating Solutions has the answer. After years of research and development, we have come up with the solution. We have developed a range of systems combining high-performance materials together with lightweight equipment to give practical solutions for what has been in the past a very difficult problem in the field.

Our field joint coating solutions are simple to apply in the field and have excellent in-service performance properties. Our years of development have produced practical solutions which are applicable both onshore and offshore within lay barge cycle times. Furthermore our field joint solutions are applied without the use of excessive heat, avoiding any damage to the integrity of the factory applied coating.

New pipeline field joint coating or
rehabilitation of field joint coating

Our field joint coating systems can be applied on new pipeline field joints, or as rehabilitation coating for polypropylene coated pipes where the original field joint coating has failed.

Specifications available on demand


This system is rated to 120ºC and can be installed rapidly, within lay-barge cycle times.


This system is also rated to 120ºC but is slower to apply and uses less equipment. This is for use on land based pipelines where speed of installation is not so essential. Performance in service is virtually identical to the offshore system.


This system is rated to 85ºC. It can be applied as field joint coating on land based pipelines.